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The most efficient recruitment tool you have ever seen

FairWare is the first self-sufficent ATS (Applicant Tracking System). By using it, you will never have to depend again of external channels such as jobboards to reach talents. It means no hidden cost, performance-driven features and the greatest talent acquisition experience you will ever live.


Easily manage applications

With FairWare, managing applications has never been so easy. Screen profiles in minutes. Create and share reports. Make decisions based on relevant data. View KPIs in a glimpse. And relax.

glassView applications management


Boost your branding

FairWare maximizes your employer brand by turning your offers into powerful communication devices, adding eye-catching graphics to your job descriptions and valorizing your company with animated slider photos. Social sharing buttons make your offers visible on all networks.

glassView a job offer


Build a referral network

Define the reward system (money, travel, presents, humanitarian aid) and choose the amount for each job offer. Motivate participants through serious gaming with badges and rankings and give rewards for visits, relevant applications and recruitments.

glassView the referral dashboard


Experience Fair matching

Never miss a potential talent again thanks to a matching technology that filters the applications based on skills and personality. Build fully customizable questionaries to assess the job requirements and give a fair recruitment experience to talents.

glassView the matching tool


Track performances

Follow the activity of participants, manage your applications through your talent pool and track performances globally as well as for each job offer with clear and relevant KPIs.

glassView KPIs panel

The benefits of FairWare

Compared to traditional recruitment


Recruiting through referrals saves you the cost of traditional channels (job boards, HR agencies, etc.) and keeps all the value in-house.

The clear and simple features of FairWare will ease the recruitment process while the matching algorithm will help you immediately identify the relevant talents

45% of employees recruited through referrals are still with the organisation two years after being recruited compared to 27% of those hired through job boards.

FairWare greatly increases your recruiter branding, helps you reach hidden gems and recruit on hard-to-fill positions


Request a demo and discover why we are the best talent acquisition solution around. Our pricing plans make us the most affordable ATS of the market, please contact our sales service for a quote.

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